5th Sage

A mid-level bureaucratic sage seeking to gain status and favor among his peers.


The Fifth Sage, Dardan, has been in his position for over ten years now, and seeing his mortality slowly advancing towards him has urged him to seek status and prestige in the organizational staff of Cliffkeep. His first goal involves directing the de-monstering of the basement level of the keep; being a pessimist, he hasn’t thought of his goals afterward.

Dardan came to Cliffkeep seeking a name for himself long ago, having heard the legends of a place of scholars and learned men. When he arrived, he found it a shell of its former glory. Having not enough money to leave, he decided to stay, adding his vast knowledge to the dwindling pool of the keep. He moved his way up the ranks, but having no ability with either priestly or arcane magic his advancement stopped before he managed to rise into the leader group of the four sages.

5th Sage

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